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Gortat Wants Fights in the NBA

NBA journey man Marcin Gortat has a little suggestion for a rule change for the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver.  Gortat claims that the NBA should consider implementing NHL style fighting rules.  Players who fight in todays NBA are usually suspended for multiple games and fined a large amount.  Gortat argues that fans going to hockey games looking forward to a fight more than any single other part of the game.  He thinks that type of excitement could be good for the NBA.  If there were more fights in the NBA, it would undeniably make the game more interesting to a certain audience but what we need to think about is if it would be worth not only fans you are losing but the example that sets to youth and outsiders looking in at the sport.  Youth sports already have a bad reputation for parents or kids taking things too seriously and losing their tempers.  Parents would have to question whether they wanted to allow their young child to watch a basketball game for the fear of the outbreak of violence.   Gortat threw out this comment in a somewhat joking manor but it is still fun to look at the influence sports have on one another.


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