Tim Duncan…or Merlin the Magician?

Instead of a column on a cool new sport that we found, it was decided that we would throw in some alternative hobbies of some well-known athletes! First up? Tim Duncan, a well-known NBA all-star, was one of the first nerd players to be discovered. His top nerd obsession. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. Yes, you heard us right. […]

Charmed snakes and charmed worms!

Worm Charming is a local favorite in local Willaston, where competitors in are given a 3×3 meter plot and a small pitchfork. Using the vibratiosn of the pitchfork, they have an alloted time to ‘charm’ as many worms as possible out of the dirt. Started in 1961, Mr. John Bailey was the first worm charmer […]

It’s got a burning aftertaste–Stinging Nettle Eating!!

I totally understand hot dog contests, and pie eating contests. But why would someone one volunteer to eat a weed that can sting, burn and bubble your skin? The tradition started in 1986 when two farmers were arguing on who had the tallest stinging nettle stalks in their feilds. Turning it into a gamble, one […]

Road Bowling hits America!

Cars and bicyclists better watch out–Irish Road Bowling has hit the United States. An ancient sport that has been traced back to the 1600’s, nobody knows for sure how the sport was originally introduced in its native Ireland.  What they do know is that is collected so much popularity that it couldn’t contain it anymore–they […]

Mix brains and brauns in this fun sport!

Have you ever wanted to see two fighters go toe-to-toe…on a chessboard? Well, now you can? Chessboxing is mixing the #1 physical sport with the #1 mental sport to create the ultimate test of knowledge and power. Opponents take turns between chess and boxing. Each chess round lasts four minutes, while each boxing round lasts […]

Capture the Flag? No! It’s Kabaddi!

In Indian culture, a wrestling game called Kabaddi is one of the most popular. What is it? Well, to begin you have two teams on each side and it’s up to each team to send one “raider”, this person will make an attempt to run to the other side to tackle an opposite member and […]

Think you can catch the Golden Snitch?

Houses unite! Everyone’s facorite childhood books and the game that it invented has surely come to life! If anyone was a fan (Like I was) of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, then you will know of the magical game of Quidditch. If you don’t, I’ll give you the lowdown: Two teams riding flying brooms on a […]

You can’t squash these winners!

Every year on Australia Day, the annual Cockroach Race is held! On a grim day, two men from two neighboring cities argued over which city had the fastest roaches…so a race was held and history was made. 33 years later, this undeniably strange tradition has made its mark at Story Bridge on the National Holiday […]

Guess what Europeans do with their cellphones (HINT: It’s not recycling!)

Every Summer a large competition is held in Finland. It involved few things: some competitors, a measuring tape and a box full of old Nokias (and Razrs, and whatever else you had back in the 90’s as a mobile phone) This year the longest throw was 97.73 meters, the best in the men’s category while […]