Animal Sports

Charmed snakes and charmed worms!

Worm Charming is a local favorite in local Willaston, where competitors in are given a 3×3 meter plot and a small pitchfork. Using the vibratiosn of the pitchfork, they have an alloted time to ‘charm’ as many worms as possible out of the dirt. Started in 1961, Mr. John Bailey was the first worm charmer […]

Cinco de Mayo Dog Race in Medford!

Check out the Chihuahua dog race hosted by Howiees of Medford, OR. Be on the look out for this event coming up around Cinco de Mayo.

Man vs, Horse

The Green Event

Who said racing was only for humans!

pig racing, goat racing, and duck racing!

Banana Derby

Monkeys and dogs team up in these epic races

Surfing Dogs

Loews Dog Surfing Contest Imperial Beach San Diego

Rabbit Jumping Competition

Bunnies doing what they do best!