Foreign Sports

Charmed snakes and charmed worms!

Worm Charming is a local favorite in local Willaston, where competitors in are given a 3×3 meter plot and a small pitchfork. Using the vibratiosn of the pitchfork, they have an alloted time to ‘charm’ as many worms as possible out of the dirt. Started in 1961, Mr. John Bailey was the first worm charmer […]

Russian Egg Roulette!

A variation of Russian roulette with eggs replacing bullets six and all 5/2 boiled and one fresh. Each player takes it’s turn to crack an egg on their four head until one unlucky competitor find he has the fresh one to his this may as the yellowy slime trickles down over his and around his […]

Finger Wresting Championships

Finger Wrestling Championships, this event is held in Germany;┬áThe competition is like a tug of war in which only one finger is used. The sportsman sit face-to-face and put a digit usually the middle finger into a strap. A player wins by pulling his opponent over the halfway mark of the table. Check this out!! […]

Acrobatic Gymnastics

This ladies take gymnastics to a whole new level!


Make your ugliest face

Rollerman Extreme Downhill Sport



This crazy Japanese sport is a cross between capture the flag and king of the hill, and has taken Japan by storm. Follow the link to learn more about it!