Tim Duncan…or Merlin the Magician?

Instead of a column on a cool new sport that we found, it was decided that we would throw in some alternative hobbies of some well-known athletes! First up? Tim Duncan, a well-known NBA all-star, was one of the first nerd players to be discovered. His top nerd obsession. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. Yes, you heard us right. […]

Not as alternative, but still tons of fun.. Bowling!! Want to get moving while still having fun? Get your bowl on at your local bowling alley! Bowling is affordable and fun for people of all different abilities. For those of you who are residents of Southern Oregon check out Lava Lanes.

Football Unicycling

We here at Alternative Athletics understand the importance of football, after yesterday’s Super Bowl performance it inspired us To find an “alternative” way of playing the sport. Check out this clip of football unicycling!!!

Roller Derby

The Rose City Rollers is an all female, flat track roller derby league founded in Portland Oregon; established in 2004, Rose City consist of four local home teams and two “all-star” traveling teams representing the league in competition with other leagues. 

Finger Wresting Championships

Finger Wrestling Championships, this event is held in Germany; The competition is like a tug of war in which only one finger is used. The sportsman sit face-to-face and put a digit usually the middle finger into a strap. A player wins by pulling his opponent over the halfway mark of the table. Check this out!! […]

Acrobatic Gymnastics

This ladies take gymnastics to a whole new level!


Winter Flowboarding Contest  

Going Toe-To-Toe!

Check out this unique take on wrestling, with interesting roots!