Gortat Wants Fights in the NBA

NBA journey man Marcin Gortat has a little suggestion for a rule change for the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver.  Gortat claims that the NBA should consider implementing NHL style fighting rules.  Players who fight in todays NBA are usually suspended for multiple games and fined a large amount.  Gortat argues that fans going to […]

Gravy Wrestling?

Without a doubt this is one of the World’s craziest culinary and athletic competitions discovered in England thus far, welcome to the World Gravy Wrestling competition! Contestants must wrestle in the Gravy for 2 minutes whilst being scored for audience applause, while exectuing different wrestling moves and feats of strength. The compeitions is now in […]

It’s got a burning aftertaste–Stinging Nettle Eating!!

I totally understand hot dog contests, and pie eating contests. But why would someone one volunteer to eat a weed that can sting, burn and bubble your skin? The tradition started in 1986 when two farmers were arguing on who had the tallest stinging nettle stalks in their feilds. Turning it into a gamble, one […]

The Top Three!

Based on your clicks, here are the top 3 wacky sports videos you viewed on our Facebook page. Be sure to check them out (along with many more) here at Alternative Athletics!

Zorb…Dare to Experience!

Zorbing is a fun, semi-new, alternative sport that is extremely popular in New Zealand, where it was created. Zorbing was created in 1995 and opened its first site in 1996. What exactly is Zorbing you ask? Zorbing is when a person, or a group of people, get into what looks like a giant hamster ball […]

Basque Pelota = Super Handball.

I done seen about everything, when I see an elephant play polo.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship – what no Lizard or Spock??

Road Bowling hits America!

Cars and bicyclists better watch out–Irish Road Bowling has hit the United States. An ancient sport that has been traced back to the 1600’s, nobody knows for sure how the sport was originally introduced in its native Ireland.  What they do know is that is collected so much popularity that it couldn’t contain it anymore–they […]

Mix brains and brauns in this fun sport!

Have you ever wanted to see two fighters go toe-to-toe…on a chessboard? Well, now you can? Chessboxing is mixing the #1 physical sport with the #1 mental sport to create the ultimate test of knowledge and power. Opponents take turns between chess and boxing. Each chess round lasts four minutes, while each boxing round lasts […]